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Hosting update

We are so glad to see such enthusiastic interest for the pan-ancestry summary statistics! So enthusiastic that, as many of you may have noticed, we received serial bans from Dropbox due to excess traffic. Today, we are pleased to report that we have found a new hosting solution on Amazon AWS, who have graciously provided hosting services for the full dataset in both its forms (per-phenotype flat files, and Hail formats). We have now updated the links in the phenotype manifest, and all pages on this site to reflect the new locations. The dataset is also now available on the Amazon Registry of Open Data.

First release

We are thrilled to announce the release of GWAS summary statistics from the Pan-UK Biobank resource, which consists of genome-wide association analyses of 7,221 phenotypes across 6 continental ancestry groups in the UK Biobank. Across all phenotype-ancestry pairs, we conducted 16,131 GWAS and meta-analyzed summary statistics for all available populations by trait. This release includes more than 20,000 individuals with primarily non-European ancestries, substantially increasing the diversity typically investigated in analyses of these data.

A summary of the breakdown included in this release is:

PopulationSample sizeTotal phenosCategoricalContinuousPhecodeICD-10BiomarkersPrescriptions